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UMPL India Baisakhi Celebration

India is the land of festivals. Festivals are the reflection of regions, religions and cultures. As the teaching of all religion is the oneness and humanity, all festivals also teach the lesson of unity and humanity to all. Festivals are the occasion for the manifestation of joy, happiness and togetherness. Baisakhi is the festival of harvest; when the field crops get ready for harvesting after ripe then the people celebrate this festival in the month of April with joy on the realization of fruits of their hard work.


On the occasion of the Baisakhi festival, team of UMPL INDIA wishes all the harvest of good health, wealth and happiness. Get connected to the roots once again with the pure herbal and organic products of UMPL INDIA. All the celebrations and occasion can be enjoyed only one we possess the good health. A good health is greatest blessing that one should nurture with committed care. Mother Nature has gifted us the magical plants those can care and cure our skin, hair, body with their wonderful soothing, healing and infection fighting properties.

Apple Cider Vinegar works wonder for boosting metabolism, immunity, heart health, diabetic health and fighting infections. Regular intake of apple cider vinegar especially on empty stomach work wonders for weight loss. Aloe Vera skin care gel and Aloe Vera facial Kit is the best skin care treatment for healthy shining and glowing skin. In summers, Aloe Vera is the best skin care remedy from protection against sun and UV rays. Moreover, this wonder plant locks the age with its skin elasticity boosting enzymes. Keep a distance from harmful chemicals and let’s breathe and live the skin and body with goodness of pure and herbal products of nature.

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World Health Day Special Deals on UMPL India

World Health Day

World health day is celebrated to create the awareness for the health. In the year of 1950 to draw the global attention on the most important issue, World Health Assembly held by WHO decided to celebrate 7th April of each year as the World Health Day. WHO is sponsoring the Govt Organizations and Non Govt Organizations through its various grants and schemes. Countries are becoming the world capitals of diseases rather than of culture and heritage.

World Health Day 2018

Celebrating World Health Day – UMPL India

China, India and USA are observed with the rising percentage of diabetic patients; Nauru, Cook Islands and Palau are having highest percentage of obese population; Russia, Bulgaria and Romania are having most affected percentage of heart patients; Denmark, France and Australia are having highest percentage of cancer patients. This is not an end, list of diseases and countries suffering from those diseases are very long and shocking. This is the high time that alarm should be rung for all to wake up.

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship” Buddha

Health is the true wealth and blessing from the God. Balanced diet, regular workout and meditation are the DNAs of health body and mind. Science and technologies have revolutionized the stranded of life but sadly, standards of health have been deteriorated. UMPL India is working with the solo motive of raising the health standards of society with the purely natural and herbal products. Organic herbal products are the antidotes of the chemical infusions in our body.

Apple Cider Vinegar is best remedy for weight management, controlling blood sugar levels and boosting the metabolism. Wheat Grass Powder is a live chlorophyll also known as Green Gold, works magically for boosting the immunity and fighting the infections and cancer cells. Aloe Vera skin care gel and Aloe Vera facial Kit brings the goodness of the plant Aloe Vera known as plant of immortality.

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Welcoming Global World Health Awareness on 7th April World Health Day!!

World Health Day 2018

“The groundwork of all happiness is good wealth”

Leigh Hunt

Wealth without health is of no use. Wealth can only buy tantalizing food; flavors can be relished only if health will allow eating. Wealth can buy ticket to the dream destination; happiness can be experienced only if health will allow climbing, camping, trekking, swimming etc. So the commitment to good health is more important than accumulating wealth. We all are chasing happiness at cost of happiness. Now life has become the competition for being best. We all want to be best at home, best in school, best in office, best in looks, best in sports etc. But best in health is nowhere in our mind and thoughts. Do not forget the line “the groundwork of all happiness is good wealth”

World Health Day 2018

World Health Day

Maintaining good health is most challenging task with today’s lifestyle. Our life is full of hectic schedules, stress, extended working hours and unhealthy eating patterns. Evaluation of current lifestyle is must, to ascertain what to set right one needs to know what is wrong. Healthy mind lives in healthy body.

Health comprises of physical and mental health both, which requires nutritious diet, regular exercise, personal hygiene, stress management and meditation. Adapting healthy lifestyles needs the willingness and commitment. Good health is the real blessing of God that needs to be nurtured daily with healthy life style. What we eat and what we do reflect on our body health and on skin health. Beautiful skin is reflection of good health only.

World Health Day11

Instead of running after chemical based beauty and health product, experience the goodness of nature with natural and herbal products. . On World Health day, UMPL India whishes all the good health and beautiful skin both with goodness of nature in Apple Cider Vinegar, Wheat grass powder, Aloe Vera facial Kit and Aloe Vera skin care gel.

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Welcoming International World Happiness Day 2018 – UMPL India

International Happiness Day 2018


International Day of Happiness – 20 March 2018

On the occasion of world happiness day team of UMPL India wishes all to stay happy and keep smiling. Smile is the beautiful expression of happiness. Since smile is greeted with smile, a smiling face can makes the many to smile and spread the happiness and joy .

Rightly said by Louis Armstrong    “when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.”

A Smile can work wonders. Honest smile can turn a stranger into friend, doubt into trust and hatred into affection. So the gesture of smiling spreads happiness, love, hope and peace all around.

Reasons………..Why should we smile?

  1. A smile reduces the stress and boost happiness. Laughter is best therapy for distress and depression
  2. A smile boosts the immune system. Smile and laughter are the best release of our emotions and helps in building strong immune system.
  3. A smile costs nothing. Wearing smile on the face requires only the will …….nothing else .Smile is cost free marketing of one’s personality.
  4. A smile spreads happiness all around. If spreading happiness is an art the smile is the brush of an artist.
  5. A smile makes us healthier. According to the study of optimism, happiness is the key to good health.

International Day of Happiness 2018UMPL India is constantly working on the dental health with an endeavor to bring the beautiful smile on the face to spread happiness. Dental health is comprehensive pack prepared with the goodness of clove, neem , babool, tulsi,mint and nirgundi and many more natural herbs  which cures all our dental problems related to toothache , gum swelling , foul smell and pyorrhea.

Order UMPL Tulsi 5+ and Denta Health from UMPL India. On this International Happiness Day, you can have special discount offers on these products.

So keep smiling as   “Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart”

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UMPL India – Celebrated Their 11 Years of Success in 2015

UMPL India

UMPL India Pvt. Ltd – a renowned herbal company which is best all around India for its valuable and high quality natural beauty care, health care, skin care and hair care products online. Now UMPL India is exploring this brand on online market through shopping portal http://umplindia.com and making it easy for people to order the things without leaving the comfort of their homes. You can buy huge list of natural products with no more efforts.

Check out the video for better acknowledgement of this India’s No.1 Brand – UMPL India


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International Women’s Day Special 15% Discount Offers – UMPL India


On this auspicious occasion of International Women’s Day 2018, where it is celebrated for respecting women and all ladies all around the globe, UMPL India is also contributing their respect and show their devotion by offering special discount offers on all beauty products for women on this day. It is the day when women are honored for their selfless motivation and admiring their achievements. Now without women, no industry works well whether it is social, cultural or political field.

Happy Women's Day 2018

March 8, 2018 is celebrated as the International Women’s Day 2018 to pay regards and respect to all the ladies we know and we are contact in. We wishes all the ladies – International Women’s Day from the entire team of UMPL. Highlighting the achievements of women, their devotion and their presence in the society makes many good things to happen in the previous years. The day is just dedicated to all women and acts as a reminder for people to give those equal rights, freedom and opportunities.

15 % off Sale on All Beauty Products – Limited Time Offers

International Women's DayEmpowering the recognition of women all around the globe, this special day actually organized to tell the real importance of women in the world. It states the struggles, achievements and efforts paid by women to the society. Understanding their values, we are here to launch our special discount offers on different women usable products for the entire day of Women’s Day which will help to contribute their moral values. So we welcome all women to our website for best deals on this festive season. Check out our list of natural beauty products that are available online at 15 % off on this day.

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Follow Few Skin and Hair Care Tips on This Holi Festival 2018

Holi Celebration 2018 UMPL India

Holi is knocking on your doorsteps. Now your wait comes to an end if you are color lover. Most of us love colors but don’t play with them on the festivals due to the fear of hair damage, skin sensitivity and other health problems. Who love to play with beautiful colors can go without any fear and have fun on this Holi with your near and dear ones as well. Just ensure some Holi skin, beauty and hair care tips to protect them from any damage. In order to protect your skin from any damage due to color reactions, Almond oil prevents direct interaction of skin and colors with each other which protect the skin from any kind of color reactions.

Beauty Care Tips for HoliApply sun screen lotions to prevent direct sun exposure of skin. Before 20 minutes going out in the skin, apply any sun screen lotion which helps in protecting your skin from sun burns and heat. In case of dry skin, you should apply sun screen lotion for some time followed by some moisturizer. Apply some zinc based cream in order hydrate all your skin cells which avoids and prevents minor skin irritations and sunburns caused by chemical based harmful colors.

In order to calm your lips and prevent them from directly exposing to colors, you may use Vaseline or lip balms which work as a moisturizer for lips. Protect your eyes from harmful color impact. Keep them protective with glasses or goggles managing them a protection from sunglasses. Also, apply nail varnish to cure your nails and protect them from damaging with direct interaction with Holi colors.

Colors impact deeply into the skin and show severe damages even after weeks as well. So keep pre care tips in mind before going out to play Holi with friends. It is a colorful and most enthusiastic festival that brings many people close together. All people love to play Holi with colors like kids and make this festive entertaining by dancing and throwing water balloons, colors and using pichkari in India. Children have almost started playing with colors since weeks ago and now Holi Festival day will bring all young and old people to come together and to mix up in colors and enjoy endlessly for the full day.

Holi is celebrated for the victory of good things on bad ones. And Hollika is burned with fire every year to glorify the significance of Holi festival.Keep enjoying the festive season carefully and with happiness. Don’t throw colors on people who feel fear to them and spread love and fun on this auspicious occasion of Holi. UMPL India is wishing Holi best wishes to all of the visitors, readers and customers owing our products.. Stay tuned with UMPL India for Organic and Natural Products: http://umplindia.com

Why we should have Tulsi 5+ daily?

Buy Natural Tulsi Products

Basil a holy herb in India is also known as Tulsi. It is a sacred plant commonly grown in the courtyard of all Indian houses especially Hindu people worship it as goddess. It is believed that nothing can please the Lord Krishna more than Tulsi. It is renowned as the holy herb not only in India but also in many other countries due to its magical healing properties. Surprisingly to most of us to know that it is also used commonly in Thai, Italian and Indonesian cuisines for its wonderful flavors.

It Prevents Cancer

Treats Fever Cough Cold

It Works as a Great Healer

It Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Treats Fever Cough Cold

Fights Infections

Tulsi plant has so many wonderful health benefits which are discussed below:
Buy UMPL Tulsi 5+

  • It prevents Cancer. Tulsi 5 + helps in damaging the cancer symptoms and infected cells from the human body and prevent the causes to expand the cancer in skin, liver and lungs.
  • Skin, liver and a lung cancer means more to them and it helps the cancer patients to recover after chemotherapy.
  • It cures respiratory disorders. UMPL India’s Tulsi 5+ with honey works effectively like a magic for throat and respiratory infections.
  • Treats Fever Cough Cold – UMPL Tulsi 5+has its antibacterial properties that help in healing common cold and cough infections in the human body. It extracts the mucus and makes the nose opened with its calm properties on cold infections effectively.
  • It works as a great healer for fever as it has the property to maintain the normal temperature of human body. Tulsi plant is an adaptogen to get relief from diverse range of health problems at the same time.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety. It helps in keeping the mind calm by reducing the level of caritsol – a stress hormone.
  • Fights infections – Tulsi 5 + is enriched in high anti bacterial properties which helps in fight against infections and boosts up immune system.

Buy Natural Health Care Tulsi Products OnlineThe daily intake of Tulsi 5+ works like magic for recovering common health problems like mouth infections, skin disorders, headaches, sore throat infections and recovering kidney stones as well.

UMPL is offering 100% natural Tulsi 5 + at most economical prices at the online shopping store. It is natural and wonderful remedy that works perfectly for human health in number of ways. UMPL India is exploring natures touch to the world with wonderful products available at online store. Find Natural Tulsi Products Online.

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Natural Weight Management Products Online – UMPL India


Rising obesity rates are major reason for many chronicle diseases. Weight management is the need of hour and it does not mean quick or temporary weight loss rather it means gradual weight control and maintain healthy equation of ideal body weight with  age, gender height i.e.-: BMI. BMI stands for Body Mass Index.

Few simple tips which can be followed easily in daily routine are-:

  • Keep the potion of each meal small and add mid meals in between main course.
  • Add more and more vegetables a fruits in the routine diet, especially before taking main course.
  • Eat whole grain a multigrain food as it increase satiety level and also the intake of nutrients.
  • Take apple cider vinegar before every meal. Originally, it was used as for salad dressing but now being used effectively for weight management as it helps to control blood sugar.
  •    Take Aloe Vera Juice positivism on an empty stomach for best results. Aloe Vera juice speed up the energy expenditure helps in reducing the accumulated body fat.

Apple Cider VinegarUMPL India is a renowned and ISO certificated brand working on herbal remedies since 2004. Under the guidance of qualified team UMPL India is continuously working on raising the quality standards in organic culture. With the time going on, people are so much particular about their good health and body fitness. It will offer them an attractive personality. In today’s world, personality counts well at every place or occasion. Buy affordable weight management and weight loss products which are 100% organic and natural.

These products are slow and steady but deliver effective results on weight management and weight loss. You can order the products from online store of UMPL India. Most of the people are adopting this organic weight loss products offering proper weight management to every under weight and overweight individual for better results.

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Aloe Vera Hair Shampoo – Solutions to All Hair Problems

Aloe Vera Hair Shampoo (2)

We all want long, shiny and healthy hair. It doesn’t only make us Aloe Vera Hair Shampoolook good but also adds a noticeable feature to our personality. Unfortunately, we all are facing multiple hair problems like hair fall, damaged or rough hair, dandruff, split ends etc.  From daily busy schedules, hair looses their shine and strength with its regular exposure to heat and dust.

The shine and quality diminishes day by day. Likewise other parts of the body, hair also need proper pampering and care. It has its own requirements. Like we need food for energy, similarly hair needs proper nourishment and care with needful vitamins and minerals. Aloe Vera is a magical and natural herb due to its antibacterial and anti viral properties for skin and hair. It contains proteolytic enzymes which repairs the scalp and eradicate the dead skin cells.

Aloe Vera Hair ShampooAloe vera works like keratin and meets the daily need of hair protein, since its chemical properties match with the keratin.  Aloe vera; Due to its antifungal properties, it treats the dandruff as dandruff is nothing but the over grown fungus on the scalp. Aloe Vera is having a goodness of great conditioner and helps in keeping the hair hydrated and smooth.

UMPL India is India’s No. 1 organic firm that considers the demand of organic hair care products. You can adopt natural aloe vera hair shampoo from UMPL India. Just @ Rs 248.44/- It has anti bacterial properties supported by balanced scalp quality, treats hair loss effectively and reduces hair thinning. It delivers right diet to the hair every time. It rejuvenates and builds up the weak points in the hair. It helps in regulating the weak end hair, surface from root to tip and prevents most of split ends as well. It controls frequent hair fall and strong hair with aloe vera.

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