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Look Beautiful and Young with UMPL India Aloe Vera Products

Wrinkle Free Gel

 “Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength”       Betty Friedan

Aging makes us mature in thoughts and rich in experience and knowledge. However, woman relates it with words oldster, blemishes, wrinkles, pigmentation, dark spots etc. Since aging takes away the charm, glow and beauty; woman hates to get old. Wrinkles are the most hatred enemy of every woman and blemishes are the like nightmares. To break this notion woman needs to change the mind set along with daily care for skin.

Aloe Vera Skin Care Gel

Aloe Vera the plant of Immortality is the real blessing of nature for the health and skin. Oral intake in form of Aloe Vera juice or the application on skin in the form of Aloe Vera Face wash, Aloe Vera Skin care gel and Aloe Vera Facial Kit can work wonder. Today due to polluted environment, hectic schedules and junk foods has accelerated the harmful impacts on our body and skin.

Aloe Vera moisturizes and hydrates our skin. More to that with its healing and soothing properties Aloe Vera Gel is the real sun protector in summer. Aging is the most worrisome issue of every woman can only be delayed with Aloe Vera. It maintains the skin elasticity and fades the blemishes and dark spots. Extensive use of Aloe Vera in beauty product is the proof of its miraculous properties.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is a complete package of nutrients, which does not only nourish our body but also boosts our immune system to prevent the infections and diseases. Aloe Vera is rich in anti oxidants, which reduces the damage caused due to free and unavoidable radicals. Aloe Vera is great aid to digestion and cures ulcers with its calming and healing impacts. Aloe Vera Juice is a great remedy, which helps on losing weight and maintaining the cholesterol levels. UMPL India is renowned and accredited name in the market for providing natural products at reasonable prices.

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UMPL India Baisakhi Celebration

India is the land of festivals. Festivals are the reflection of regions, religions and cultures. As the teaching of all religion is the oneness and humanity, all festivals also teach the lesson of unity and humanity to all. Festivals are the occasion for the manifestation of joy, happiness and togetherness. Baisakhi is the festival of harvest; when the field crops get ready for harvesting after ripe then the people celebrate this festival in the month of April with joy on the realization of fruits of their hard work.


On the occasion of the Baisakhi festival, team of UMPL INDIA wishes all the harvest of good health, wealth and happiness. Get connected to the roots once again with the pure herbal and organic products of UMPL INDIA. All the celebrations and occasion can be enjoyed only one we possess the good health. A good health is greatest blessing that one should nurture with committed care. Mother Nature has gifted us the magical plants those can care and cure our skin, hair, body with their wonderful soothing, healing and infection fighting properties.

Apple Cider Vinegar works wonder for boosting metabolism, immunity, heart health, diabetic health and fighting infections. Regular intake of apple cider vinegar especially on empty stomach work wonders for weight loss. Aloe Vera skin care gel and Aloe Vera facial Kit is the best skin care treatment for healthy shining and glowing skin. In summers, Aloe Vera is the best skin care remedy from protection against sun and UV rays. Moreover, this wonder plant locks the age with its skin elasticity boosting enzymes. Keep a distance from harmful chemicals and let’s breathe and live the skin and body with goodness of pure and herbal products of nature.

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Healthy Skin with Glow and Shine is the Best Make Up for Lifetime


Make up is the artificial layer that we wear on our skin to hide wrinkle lines, blemishes, scars, pigmentation, dark spots etc. No make-ups lasts forever, at the end of day after wiping the entire make ups we are left with our real and problematic skin.

Aloe Vera Facial Kit

Beautiful, supple and plump skin requires the committed skin care with herbal and natural products rather than just applying chemical coat. Our skin takes nourishment from the ingredients what we apply on our skin, so really needs to think the harmful impact that chemical coating that we do on our skin.

Always remember

Skin first

         Make up second

        Smile always.

Nature has gifted us the wonderful plant of immortality and that is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is being used since ages in all the cultures for the beauty treatments. Most beautiful queen of its times “the Cleopatra” was using the magical plant for maintaining and enhancing her freezing beauty. Aloe Vera is the super plant filled with vitamins, mineral, enzymes, ammonia acid and many more. Aloe Vera skin care gel and Aloe Vera Facial kit of UMPL INDIA are the best remedies for the skin care due to its healing, curing, anti aging and skin protecting properties.

Aloe Vera Facial KitAloe Vera is a great healer and soother for sunburns and skin wounds. It locks the age by maintaining the skin elasticity by minimizing the wrinkles, scars and blemishes. Regular use of Aloe Vera keeps the skin hydrated and supple and retains the PH balance. It is the best shield of skin from UV rays and gamma radiation and protects the skin from its damage. Aloe Vera is the best anti acne remedy for its antiseptic properties. Needless to say that Aloe Vera skin care gel and Aloe Vera facial kit is the complete skin care package for healthy, beautiful and glowing skin.

World Health Day Special Deals on UMPL India

World Health Day

World health day is celebrated to create the awareness for the health. In the year of 1950 to draw the global attention on the most important issue, World Health Assembly held by WHO decided to celebrate 7th April of each year as the World Health Day. WHO is sponsoring the Govt Organizations and Non Govt Organizations through its various grants and schemes. Countries are becoming the world capitals of diseases rather than of culture and heritage.

World Health Day 2018

Celebrating World Health Day – UMPL India

China, India and USA are observed with the rising percentage of diabetic patients; Nauru, Cook Islands and Palau are having highest percentage of obese population; Russia, Bulgaria and Romania are having most affected percentage of heart patients; Denmark, France and Australia are having highest percentage of cancer patients. This is not an end, list of diseases and countries suffering from those diseases are very long and shocking. This is the high time that alarm should be rung for all to wake up.

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship” Buddha

Health is the true wealth and blessing from the God. Balanced diet, regular workout and meditation are the DNAs of health body and mind. Science and technologies have revolutionized the stranded of life but sadly, standards of health have been deteriorated. UMPL India is working with the solo motive of raising the health standards of society with the purely natural and herbal products. Organic herbal products are the antidotes of the chemical infusions in our body.

Apple Cider Vinegar is best remedy for weight management, controlling blood sugar levels and boosting the metabolism. Wheat Grass Powder is a live chlorophyll also known as Green Gold, works magically for boosting the immunity and fighting the infections and cancer cells. Aloe Vera skin care gel and Aloe Vera facial Kit brings the goodness of the plant Aloe Vera known as plant of immortality.

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Welcoming Global World Health Awareness on 7th April World Health Day!!

World Health Day 2018

“The groundwork of all happiness is good wealth”

Leigh Hunt

Wealth without health is of no use. Wealth can only buy tantalizing food; flavors can be relished only if health will allow eating. Wealth can buy ticket to the dream destination; happiness can be experienced only if health will allow climbing, camping, trekking, swimming etc. So the commitment to good health is more important than accumulating wealth. We all are chasing happiness at cost of happiness. Now life has become the competition for being best. We all want to be best at home, best in school, best in office, best in looks, best in sports etc. But best in health is nowhere in our mind and thoughts. Do not forget the line “the groundwork of all happiness is good wealth”

World Health Day 2018

World Health Day

Maintaining good health is most challenging task with today’s lifestyle. Our life is full of hectic schedules, stress, extended working hours and unhealthy eating patterns. Evaluation of current lifestyle is must, to ascertain what to set right one needs to know what is wrong. Healthy mind lives in healthy body.

Health comprises of physical and mental health both, which requires nutritious diet, regular exercise, personal hygiene, stress management and meditation. Adapting healthy lifestyles needs the willingness and commitment. Good health is the real blessing of God that needs to be nurtured daily with healthy life style. What we eat and what we do reflect on our body health and on skin health. Beautiful skin is reflection of good health only.

World Health Day11

Instead of running after chemical based beauty and health product, experience the goodness of nature with natural and herbal products. . On World Health day, UMPL India whishes all the good health and beautiful skin both with goodness of nature in Apple Cider Vinegar, Wheat grass powder, Aloe Vera facial Kit and Aloe Vera skin care gel.

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Wonderful Health Benefits of Wheat Grass Powder

Organic Wheat Grass Powder

“Health is the real wealth”

Healthy body is the real blessing in today’s world. Lost wealth can be earned easily but lost health cannot be gained easily. Luxuries and richness of wealth can be enjoyed with good health only. Nothing can cherish the sick body. Our life is full of stress and tensions and we breathe pollutants along with oxygen. Our present life style is the icing on the top of unhealthy living. God gives us health body to nurture, but we take care of our body only when the pain alarm rings.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty

Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”                                                                                                                                         Buddha

Wheat grass is a green blood and green gold for our body. The magical super food is full of nutrients and health beneficial properties. Wheat grass has been used in all cultures around the world since ages because of its disease fighting properties. Wheat grass is full of living chlorophyll ie living blood of plants. Recent studies proved that it is free from toxic. Wheat grass detoxifies the body and takes free radicals and drugs out of our body.

Wheat Grass Powder  Wheat Grass Powder is having magical nutritional make up. It contains iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and potassium along with essential enzymes and 19 amino acids. Taking wheat grass regularly reduces the food cravings and makes us feel full. It has ability to improve HB level by increases the red blood cells in our body.



Potent wheat grass powder boosts our immunity system and reduces the fatigue level by increasing the oxygen supply in our body. Surprising to many that it is great healer of skin wounds and sunburns , perfect remedy for cough, cold and tooth decay , delay aging, improves digestion and stabilize blood sugar d levels.

UMPL India is second name trust and quality in the market for organic and herbal products. UMPL India is providing Organic wheat grass powder filled with magical health properties at very reasonable prices.

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Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss in India

Apple Cider Vinegar in India

“Eat health and live healthy”

To manage the weight firstly need to evaluate the current lifestyle. None can set the things right before knowing what is wrong. Healthy and nutritious diet along with daily workout plan lay the down the foundation of weight management. Our daily hectic schedules is full of uncertainties at work makes it more difficult to stick to the perfect plan.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight LossThe first and foremost thing one should understand that slow and steady weight loss is the best way as it will not make the body weak and the shunted weight will also not be back. So adapt the healthy routine rather than the strict diet plan. Skipping breakfast, intake of packed food, late night dinners and beverages slow down the metabolism and speed up the fat accumulation. It does not only make us fat but also raise the fatigue levels and deplete our energy.  Boosting of body’s metabolism is the DNA of weight management along healthy diet and daily workout.

Apple cider vinegar “made of fermentation of apple juice” is the metabolism booster when taken regularly before first meal. Apple cider vinegar is the favorite topic of the researcher due to its magical health benefits. It lowers the blood sugar levels, controls the blood pressure and cholesterol resolves the digestion problems and fights cancer cells.

Apple cider vinegar burns the fat and helps in gradual weight loss. More to that regular intake apple cider vinegar reduces the food cravings and make us feel fuller. For the best results, it is recommended by the experts to take apple cider vinegar before meals and wait for atleast three months for the results. UMPL India wishes you healthy and happy living and is providing the organic apple cider vinegar for the best results on very reasonable prices.

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Shop Aloe Vera Facial Kit Online – UMPL India

Aloe Vera Facial Kit

Happy Skin is Healthy Skin

We all want to be cared and pampered; skin is not different from us. Care and pampering makes us lively and happy. Happy skin is the healthy skin. It is not possible to invest quality time on skin daily, so availing the services once or twice a month is nevertheless. Steps of facials like cleansing, scrubbing, massaging and toning are like therapeutic treatment for skin.

Best skin care advice is to apply on the skin the substance that we can eat. Our skin also takes nourishment from the substance we apply for gaining the shine and glow. Think if we cannot of eating the synthetic and harmful chemical composition; how we can think of applying it on our skin.

Aloe Vera     Nature has blessed us with magical herb named Aloe Vera which also known as the plant of immortality. This is an incredible gift of nature to the mankind due its magical qualities. UMPL India has brought the goodness of Aloe Vera into its Facial Kit.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Facial

  • Anti Aging
  • Soothes the skin
  • Hydrate and moisturize the skin
  • Prevents acne
  • Treatment for blemishes

Anti Aging

Aloe Vera is rich in Vitamin C and E and 18 amino acids helps in fighting the attack of free radicals on skin that cause wrinkles on the face. It helps in improving the elasticity by increasing the production of collagen

Soothes the Skin

Aloe Vera is a great healer and helps in repairing and reducing the itchiness, inflammation, sunburns and blistering. It is an Ayurveda medicine for the skin problems.

Moisturizes the skin

Aloe Vera moisturizes and hydrates the skin and helps in regaining the shine good and healthy skin.  Regular use of Aloe Vera resolves the problem of the skin dryness.

Prevents Acne

Most common skin problem of the youth is acne and Aloe Vera is the best solution for curing and preventing acne on the face.

Treatment for Blemishes

It is the best herbal treatment for scars and blemishes as it contains polysaccharides which is an stimulating agent for the growth of new skin cells

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Tremendous Results of Aloe Vera on Hair Care



Aloe Vera Hair ShampooBeautiful, strong and healthy hair makes the face more alluring and enhances the confidence to the next level. Healthy hair with beautiful style can change the simple look to . . . WOW look. Standing in front of mirror and experimenting different hair styles to change the looks is the favorite time pass of young girls. And we all play with hair in the state of anxiety, confusion and love.

In summer dust, sweat and heat can make the hair lifeless. More care needs to be taken for hair when you are exposed to the direct heat of sun. Cleansing of hair is more than mere washing, wrong choice of shampoo can lead to the dry and dull hair and itching scalp.

Steps for washing hair

  • 1

    Apply oil and detangle- apply any oil of your choice and message in slowly. Message will not only relax but also increase the blood circulation. Detangle well to avoid the messy hair after hair wash.

  • 2

    Soak in cold water- Rinse hair completely at least one minute before in cold water for better cleansing before applying shampoo.

  • 3

    Dilute shampoo in water- never pour shampoo on scalp directly, always apply diluted mix to avoid unnecessary drying up of scalp.

  • 4

    Clean from roots to tips – it the scalp which is oily and get dirty. So start cleansing from roots and ends up with tips. No need to rub the hair , as it will only tangle up your hair.

  • 5

    Take shower – take a shower and wash out the shampoo from the hair gently as wet hair is more vulnerable to damage.

Always use herbal shampoo and avoid the harsh chemicals mix. UMPL India’s Aloe Vera hair shampoo is filled with the goodness of Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera “a plant of immortality’’ is possessed with the magical healing and soothing properties which does not only cleanse but also treats your hair problems.

Obesity and Apple Cider Vinegar – UMPL India

Apple Cider Vinegar and Obesity

Obesity is the majorly growing problem of today. Obesity is the state of accumulated fat in the body. All our activities have become chair bound in nature. At work, we are stuck to our desktop or laptop. More to that at our leisure time again we are stuck to smart phones or laptops instead of physical activities. Modern Eating habits work as icing on the top of obesity cake and we are imparting this unhealthy lifestyle to our next generations also. There is no reason to feel proud of the 3 years old child operating smart phone of laptop.

Apple Cider VinegarObesity multiplies the health problems. Obese person is more prone to problems like……

  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

Alarming time has come to realize and control the situation of obesity. Implant the below health habits in the daily routine

  1. Eat healthy and live health, Cut the intake of fat and sugar in direct and indirect form and include fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains in the diet. Avoid eating junk and packed food as these are store houses of fat only.
  2. Keep your body active. Taking a glass of water instead of ordering, choosing stairs instead of elevator, preferring walk instead of vehicle are the best examples.
  3. Invest in excising instead of medicines. Exercise will cost nothing but only your will and time. so it better to exercise instead of medical treatments .
  4. Drink at least eight to ten glass of water daily. Studies have shown that many people got confused between hunger and thirst. Hydrated people eat less. More to that regular intake of water helps in increasing the metabolism rate.
  5. Spend more time at ground with kids and family and burn fats instead of watching TV or using smart phones.

Apple cider vinegar has been in limelight for is magical health properties specially for shedding the extra pounds. Regular intake of apple cider vinegar does not only help in reducing weight but also in controlling blood sugar level, blood pressure and reducing the cholesterol level. Weigh your body regularly and plan to shed the additional pounds with perfectly balanced diet, regular exercise and two spoons of apple cider vinegar daily on empty stomach .Apple cider vinegar is the organic product offered by UMPL India on very economical prices with the goodness of nature and apples.